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Just added:

4-11 July, in Spain w Residente, details TBA

12 Feb, Balboa, Brooklyn w Kyle Motl

Upcoming shows in Athens:

20 Feb, Chimeres w Yannis Despotakis

21 Feb, Estudiantina w Memos Moustakas

11 Apr, Album Release w Y.Despotakis

@ protosorofos, Thessaloniki

A couple releases I'm very proud of, Radical Invisibility and Electric Telepathy, have been released on 577 records.

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Inspired by the infinite sonic possibilities of the guitar, Stelios' activities range from contemporary music to classical guitar to working with a wide range of groups/sounds. Equally committed to the nylon as well as the electric guitar he combines elements of both worlds in his sound. 

Stelios Mihas is a multi-disciplinary guitarist hailing from Athens, Greece. Based in NYC, he has recorded and performed with a wide variety of artists including pianist Leo Genovese, composer Marcelo Toledo & Puerto Rican rapper Residente, among others. Since 2014 he has collaborated with NYC underground legend Daniel Carter in numerous ensembles as both guitarist & producer including the improvisational music collective The Listening Group, the 'Unanimity' quintet, Radical Invisibility & Electric Telepathy, all critically acclaimed albums in their field.

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